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(alongside Michelle Pfeiffer and Daniel Day-Lewis), a film based on a novel by Edith Wharton and helmed by director Martin Scorsese, whom Ryder considers the best director.

She plays a young woman, captured in plots within plots within plots of the society where every sentence pronounced has at least three different meanings.

Winona was then on to the next chapter of her life, including more mature roles and period films.

After her part in the independent film , which she played a taxi driver who dreams of becoming a mechanic, she got her chance to work with the director Francis Ford Copolla.

She is the third of four siblings (including one half-brother and one half-sister from her mother’s first marriage).

Ryder’s parents, Michael and Cindy (née Palmer) Horowitz, were hippie intellectuals, and family friends included the likes of beat poet Allen Ginsberg, and counterculture guru Timothy Leary—who was Ryder’s godfather.

nurture debate), and what the ethical implications are.

Ryder’s breakthrough film is arguably Tim Burton’s 1988 film , in which she played a goth teenager named Lydia, suffering from depression induced by the extreme consumer worldview her parents represent.

Her surroundings reflect the interpersonal and societal conflicts raging within and around her via many scenic references and multi-layered utterances.

Her role in this movie won her a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress as well as an Academy Award nomination.

Following the positive reception of Lucas, Ryder appeared in the Golden Globe- nominated drama (1987) (called “a remarkable debut” by The Los Angeles Times), where her teenage character creates a bridge between two different worlds – a traditional farm in the middle of nowhere and a Big City.

The film considered the question of how much of our behavior derives from our genetic background, how much is influenced by society (i.e., the nature vs.

In the same year she performed in , playing the thirteen-year-old bride of Jerry Lee Lewis.


  1. The guy from the estate agents was due to value the house. Liam arrived at 11.00am on the dot and rang the bell. They exchanged introductions, and then she turned to walk back in to the house and beckoned for him to follow her.

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