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We had talked about playing golf, but she said her breasts were too big and got in the way.

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Mary looked a little different from the picture Krista showed me.

She looked down at her boobs and said, "That looks sexy." Then she lifted her breasts up and licked up some of my cum.

I pulled out between her tits and she finished me off aiming my next 3 streams onto her boobs.

A couple of hard thrust I my first stream of cum hit her in the face and across her eye. I will say that when I got back from Mexico I had 12 voice mail messages from Donna telling me she now realized that she loves me and I am the only man for her.

Would you be interested in going out again when I come back? I know you want to fuck my tits." The thought had crossed my mind. I startled her chest as she took me into her mouth and nursed my cock back to full erection. Mary even suggested I go with you knowing that we are just good friends." "I suppose that would work.

I will be breaking up with her when we get back from Mexico. Would you like to follow me home and help finish it? I only laid on top of her for a few minutes before she said, "Get up here.

After doing this numerous times I started to circle her hard clit with my finger. After a good half hour of this teasing I started to rub her g spot and her clit at the same time.

I would slide a finger part way in and ever so slightly rub her g spot.

I brought her home and got my second kiss that led to some heavier kissing. I slid my hand up the back of her shirt and lightly stroked her skin.

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