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Taken on its own, the FIRO-B test can give you easy-to-grasp information about your personal preferences, which can be extremely useful when dealing with friends, family, and co-workers.

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Being that The MBTI Profile and FIRO-B assessments are quite affordable, there really is no reason to look elsewhere, unless consumers are simply unaware of the fact that these copycats are just that.

Thirdly, you've got F for feeling or T for thinking when it comes to decision-making.

Do you like your world to be structured and closed, or always open to new options?

So yeah, Myers-Briggs is basically astrology for people who don't believe in astrology.

Instead, it provides a score that is used to estimate how comfortable an individual is with a specific behavior.

The FIRO-B test includes three main areas: In short, Expressed Behavior is related to how comfortable we feel about exhibiting a behavior toward other people.

Wanted behavior, on the other hand, is related to the level we want other people to exhibit a behavior toward us.

When you apply Expressed Behavior and Wanted Behavior to the three main areas of the FIRO-B test—Inclusion, Control, and Affection—you end up with six main sections of the FIRO-B test as followed: An individual’s results can be used as a tool in helping you predict how comfortable they will be interacting with others in specific situations.

But just because she's quirky and sweet doesn't mean she's a pushover; INFPs come across as shy, but deep down they're passionate about their beliefs and protecting their friends.

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