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I would never want to give an enema to a woman, but I might accept one if offered, mainly to bring back pleasant memories of enemas given to me by my mother when I was a child.

Nevertheless, I see no reason why my suggestion would not work on either men or women.

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[ Post a Reply to This Message ] HI Randy My name is Roger and I have done enemas since I was about 15 and use both fountain enema syringe and bulb syringes including a douche syringe that I use a lot and looking for an enema partner and love to give and receive enemas and anyone else that is interested in having an enemate and give and receive enemas and do some anal sex. [ Post a Reply to This Message ] For Randy Hi Thanks for your message and i am a young 70 and very experienced at enemas and do them about 2 times a week and i live in southern Illinois and my TX is 618-375-3361 if you would like to talk. Let me hear from you Roger [ Post a Reply to This Message ] Gay guys who have anal intercourse are familiar with enemas, and can shift rather easily into incorporating an enema into a sexual session.

The difference between a douche rectal enema to be clean for a top and a sensuous enema for pleasure as well as hygiene isn't a big difference. For a period of about 8 years, a man I knew wanted to give me enemas, and I decided to let him provided afterwards he'd penetrate me.

That will open up a whole conversation about how useful and healthy they are for you and you would even be able to ask them what their own enema experiences might have been.

You can then discuss your own or their childhood enemas if any interest is shown on the part of the other person.Before entering, make sure you've read the chat room rules.The chat room is an embedded Mibbit chat client, connecting to #on the Rizon network.So many writers obviously would prefer to do enemas with someone else instead of solo, so I'll be giving handy hints on ways to attract others to our fulfilling world.Whenever someone you are interested in comes over to your place for a visit, hang up your enema bag, hose and nozzle over the shower door or in a prominent place in your bathroom. If so, the ideal thing would be if they comment on the equipment, but chances are they won't.As for women, spas or massage parlors might be of interest to you.


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