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In the judge's ruling it says, "This court finds that [Funches] has embarked on an unstoppable and relentless pattern of conduct for over two years to alienate the children from their father, and lacks either the ability or the willingness to facilitate, let alone encourage, a close and continuing relationship between them." He tells the Associated Press, "A huge weight is off my back."" data-reactid="88"March 2011: Wade is awarded sole "care, custody, and control" of his sons.

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On the stand, Wade denies allegations that he was abusive toward his sons or ex-wife.

He also answers questions about his relationship with Union and denies engaging in sexual foreplay in front of the children." data-reactid="67"December 2010: Wade and Funches face off in court to hash out their custody arrangement.

By June, she's rooting him on in the playoffs and they attend the BET Awards together." data-reactid="91"January to April 2013: The couple quietly takes a break for several months, beginning after the 2012 holidays until early spring, but they are still in contact.

The first week of April, Wade brings Union to the Miami Heat Family Festival and it appears that things are back on.

Wade publicly refutes his soon-to-be-ex's claims and publicly defends his girlfriend, calling the lawsuit a retaliation tactic for his custody bid." data-reactid="61" as a defendant.

She accusing the actress of engaging in "sexual foreplay" with Wade in front of the children and says Union's behavior with Wade is causing the children emotional damage.

Soon after, Union participates in Wade's World Foundation Youth Empowerment Summit in Chicago, proudly sitting next to him on the panel.

December 2010: Wade and Funches face off in court to hash out their custody arrangement.

"I think people mistook me taking the high road as an admission of guilt.

Dwyane and I made a decision very early to not react to the negativity," she tells the mag. We were submitting plenty of proof for the times [Funches] said I was in Miami.

"For more than two years, I have tried to make peace with Siohvaughn concerning our divorce and custody of our kids," he tells the Associated Press.


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