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What advice does Gothard have for situations where parents find that their teenage son has sexually molested younger children?Let’s look at a Gothard article titled Lessons from Moral Failures in a Family: The tragedy The parents were shocked and grieved as social workers visited their home and confirmed reports that an older brother was guilty of sexually abusing younger ones in his family.

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We’re not even talking about teenage girls here (which would be bad enough), we’re talking about Now maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see anything here about giving your children more comprehensive sex education.

Yes, it says to “provide guidelines on all physical contacts between children,” but that’s it. I also don’t think this list goes far enough in encouraging clear and open communication, with its focus on rather than on fostering openness between parent and child.

We can find out by looking at some of their materials.

For example, have a look at “Counseling Sexual Abuse,” a document distributed at ATI seminars for over a decade: The most obvious problem here is the victim blaming.

What I The Duggars have long been avid followers of Gothard and his ministry.

They’ve used their platform to promote Gothard, his teaching material, and his homeschool curriculum, which the family used until recently.This was not a major reason for the offending, but it allowed my little sister to be open to what I made her do.I don’t think so much teaching was necessary because everyone was so young.Remember that point 3 comes immediately after points 1 and 2, which portray the spirit as more important than the body.In other words, Gothard contends that while the offender damages only the victim’s body, the victim damages their spirit with bitterness and guilt—.However, a different lifestyle, with more modesty, might have prevented what happened.

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