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At its November 2012 meeting, the Committee considered a request to clarify the accounting implications of applying IAS 10 Events After the Reporting Period when previously issued financial statements are reissued in connection with an offering document.The request included a specific fact pattern where an entity is required to reissue its previously issued annual financial statements in connection with an offering document, where the most recently filed interim financial statements reflect matters requiring retrospective application.

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Legality outside of the US varies according to nation.

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Top Debit Card A plastic card, issued by a financial institution that charges the customer's personal account (usually DDA), the card may be proprietary (issued solely by one institution), or it can be a regionally or nationally accepted card.

Top Decryption The method of unscrambling encrypted information. Top Delinquent Account The account status occurring when the cardholder does not meet the payment conditions of the cardholder agreement, i.e., one or more payments are past due.

The Committee requested the staff to draft a tentative agenda decision taking into account Committee discussions for consideration at a future meeting.

At this meeting, the Committee received the draft tentative agenda decision developed by the staff which reflected the previous tentative decisions of the Committee.

Top Disclosure The information required by federal or state law to be relayed to the cardholder concerning the terms of the credit agreement.

Disclosure must be made by the issuer before the first use of the card by the cardholder, and must subsequently be included on all monthly statements and other documentation mentioning finance changes.

Top Downloading Process of programming a terminal via modem from Zon Talk to the terminal.

Top Dual Dating The practice of embossing cards with both valid form and expiration dates. Top Duality The membership of a financial institution in both Master Card and Visa.

Many Committee members expressed concern with the tentative agenda decision wording in that it did not directly respond to the question asked of the Committee.

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