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Users may personalize the scanning behavior when it comes to the target locations and object types (e.g.boot sectors of all disks, rookits, temporary files, system restore points). Designed to conduct on-demand scans to remove viruses, adware, spyware and rookits, the utility does not ensure round-the-clock PC protection.

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Good antivirus software is an invaluable tool for keeping your computer, your personal information, and the security of your friends and family safe from hackers, identity thieves, and spammers. Today's viruses have the capability to do everything from sending your personal information like credit card numbers and bank accounts to identity thieves to turning your computer into a slave that will send out spam e-mail messages, attack websites, or do pretty much anything else the virus maker wants it to. I've also tried Kaspersky and Norton is a lot better Yes I like norton the best antivirus ever as I am using it since 1995, It is the only antivirus that give removal tool for specific virus.

And on top of that, viruses are programmed to seek out your contacts and try to infect them as well. The only antivirus that shows the links are risky or not.

This being that case, it does have some limitations in it's performance capabilities in comparison with Dr.

Web Anti-virus for Windows, namely; no resident monitor, no command line scanner, and no updating utility. Web Cure It is more than capable of effectively scanning your PC and then undertake the necessary actions for any detected threats. Web Cure It detects and neutralizes the following key malicious threats: Dr.

Instead, it can run as a secondary shield against e-threats by pairing it with the real-time guard of another av product, since there will be no software conflicts leading to OS stability issues. It can be either saved in any part of the hard disk or stored on a pen drive to directly run regular checkups on other PCs without any installers.

Since there is no setup involved, there are two ways to deal with Dr. What's more, the app does not modify Windows registry settings.

where our newest technologies to cure sophisticated rootkit-based Trojan Back Door.

Web scanner to help users get rid of the new dangerous modification of Back Door. So far no reports of other anti-virus companies on curing this tricky Trojan are heard.

As far as the interface is concerned, the software utility adopts a simple and elegant look which does not highlight visual elements but rather focuses on functionality.

There is only one scanner type with predefined settings provided by Dr. , namely an express mode that looks in popular places for malware infiltrations, such as the Windows directory.

This will help us respond with the most suitable offer possible.

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