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It’s a craving to be done this way as a sub, almost a need for it, in order for me to receive the release I need.I get from him the love and protection I need as a little.As i have said I have tried to talk to him about this and he says I’m trying to top from the bottom.

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People who practice BDSM tend to reject the view of their activities as disordered.

The term power exchange is associated with a submissive exchanging his/her authority to make decisions (either just for a scene, or for his/her entire life) for the dominant’s agreement to take responsibility for his/her happiness and health.

A reader wrote: “I have a few questions that i am unsure how to address. “There is a problem for me when i need to be a submissive because i crave the bondage and sensory deprivation that i dont get as a little, I also like a little more pain than just being spanked and like it to be a little rough .

I know that sounds a little contradiction in terms, but he is strong when he needs to correct me, the rest of the time he loves just being a Daddy.

I am also not sure if i am asking to much from him . I will point you in a few directions that you as a submissive can learn how to help enhance your dynamic. I would like to experience these things and would love it to be with you, can you help me out with that?

In the long and short of it all, this is a problem in communication. Are you expecting him to be interested in things that he’s never expressed interest in? ” Speak about these things when calm, in great moods, outside of the bedroom or play time. My Daddy is kind loving and really kinda passive but yet a strong Daddy.I like the ropes and things that are used to keep me from moving .Some BDSM activities may be potentially dangerous if proper precautions are neglected.One aspect to make sure safety is to agree upon a safeword.If the Dominant and submissive are in a scene that causes unacceptable discomfort for one or both, a can be uttered to warn the Dominant of trouble and immediately call for a stop to the scene.

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