Do dating agencies really work

It pays us good enough so that we don’t worry, we get a good enough apartment, then a good enough spouse, then a good enough marriage.

And then life is “Eh, good enough” for the rest of our lives. The most overwhelming and obvious sign is low energy and a general inability to get motivated. You know you need to make friends but you don’t want to put in the effort.

This lack of energy and zest is closely tied in with #3 What does lack of energy everything seeming impossible = ? “This is just the way life is.” They become a person who has no concept outside of the brutal “realities” of life.

Outside of the normal paradigm for most: suffering in a job, deadly commutes, boring leisure time, jack-shit on the weekend, and an average spouse.

It’s like your momma always said “Stop calling your brother an idiot! ” And it’s kinda like that saying “If you think you can and if you think you can’t – you’re right.” Getting unstuck is all about getting your head right. The idea of suffering and slowly dying in a life you hate has got to be worse than the pain of busting your ass to fix it. Life was beginning to suck, and everyday was the same. Unless you have some life and death illness, getting rid of debt should be your #1 priority for anyone that plans on being un-stuck.

It amazes me how many people love wallowing in their own misery. Some people need a real kick in the groin to get started. Which brings us to the last one — As soon as you get your first job you get a nice little slap in the face lesson about the rat race.

Or you create a lifestyle that permits you to spend your time how you want now. The other day, someone I know was talking about her son.

That’s kind of the point of a lifestyle business that I talk about lot, so I won’t go into a lot of detail (check out Corbett Barr’s post on Lifestyle Biz Vs. She told me she was starting to see him get stuck, she was starting to see less brightness in his eyes, he was looking sleepy – not physically – but sort of that soul weariness that comes from psychologically bearing some burden you don’t want to. It happens without you realizing it, until one day you wake up and say “how the hell did It ever end up like this… This is not the life I wanted…” So just remember: once you’re stuck, it gets insanely hard to wake up and find that fire again unless something or someone wakes you up from the dream. When I was 22, there was no guidebook – no roadmap to help me answer the three big questions I had – so I decided to write it. Who can afford them.” “At least I’m paying my bills and I have a place to live.” “Ehh that’s only possible for a select few people.” For most of us, we hit that “stuck/fucked” spot right when we get the first secure job. Anything you want has to be attained through .” “Dreams?Wayne Newton, Mike Tyson, Michael Vick, Evander Holyfield and many many other extremely wealthy people went broke due to moronic money allocation.So you either earn more than you need or you downsize.Know someone who has been bullied their entire lives, and still, as a grown man, won’t stand up for anything? It’s pretty ironic because these people give the illusion of financial freedom – more money than they need – but they’re actually way more stuck than most of us non-mercedes driving people.


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