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These features allow for sharp and detailed footage with very little distortion.

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Blurry/pixelated number plates or poor clarity of small details when reviewing footage is greatly reduced.

It contains the powerful Ambarella A12 chipset and records at a high 25Mbps bit rate.

No wonder it is a popular choice of our mining accounts in WA.

Maximum storage capacity is 128GB, which will record around 11 hours of footage before looping over old files.

This is the latest 2017 front recording release from the reputable and innovative DOD brand.

What separates it from its younger brother, the DOD LS470W, is: The DOD LS475W still contains all the high quality and high spec features you expect from DOD Dash Cams.

Over the past year we’ve been working closely with some our of Dash Cam manufacturers and assisted them with testing their newest models under Australian driving conditions.

We have tested a new single channel and two brand new dual channel systems, which are all pretty impressive.

You also have the flexibility of recording at lower 1296P and 1080P (with 60FPS) resolutions to give you longer recording time.

As standard, the OPIA 2 contains an in-built G-sensor for impact detection while driving and in Parking Surveillance Mode, a one-touch Emergency Record/SOS button that locks and protects the current video file from loop recording and a custom text feature which allows you to imprint a name or licence plate onto the footage.

The OPIA 2 can be rotated 360 degrees in both the included adhesive and suction mounts so you have the ability to record footage at the front side windows.


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