Diablo iii launcher stuck at updating setup files dating methods devonian

It's not getting further than initializing :/ Does anyone have an idea to fix this?

Checked the net, but uptil now i havn't been able to find a solution that has been working. Inside there, you can find Blizzard Entertainment and Then, press CTRL ALT DEL to get to your task manager, and end any process that is called AGENT. For Vista and above, it's in the folder listed by the above poster. I had this disabled on patch day and after a little bit nothing else happened for about 10 minutes.

Download servers (EU) were overloaded or something in the evening. Everytime there is a patch (even the small ones) it stops working.

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Programs that function in the background have caused and can cause a lot of issues.

In addition, the special emphasizes goes to connection-dependent programs that hog on your bandwidth.

However, since the Blizzard app is frequently updated and optimized for various Windows iterations, it’s safe to say this isn’t needed.

Follow the instructions below to run the Blizzard app as an administrator: This here is paramount.

Finally, go back to the shortcut for the game or the launcher and right click to Run as Administrator. I deleted by folder and Blizzard Entertainment folder from C:/Docs and Setting/All Users/Application Data. Went into the launcher options and saw that P2P was disabled so I changed that.

Please PM me directly if you continue to need any assistance, I'll be happy to respond. Within 60 seconds, the download took off and finished up. Because in a previous patch, it seemed as if disabling it in much the same situation [stuck] made it work again. All of the above advice is of course something you should keep around handy as well, the AGENT thing in particular.

These are some background programs that can provoke issues: For that purpose, we advise you to, either ”kill” these programs individually within the Task Manager or start your PC in with a selective startup.

Follow the instructions below to perform the latter: In 90% of situations, the main culprit for the initializing stall lies within the connection issues.

Namely, it seems that the stall is resolved with one simple trick.

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