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Citrix HDX, which is included in Citrix Xen App and Xen Desktop, offers “optimized VDI performance that provides users with a native-like experience when accessing virtual apps and desktops,” according to Citrix.

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ALSO IMPORTANT (Ubuntu of any flavor, Mint based on Ubuntu, and other Ubuntu derivatives): Make sure that you add the repository as an "Additional Repository". The suld-* packages should now appear in your list of available packages to install.

This is a quick guide to get most people up and running.

The binaries are unchanged, the only actual changes are to the ppd files, so driver2-1.00.35 and driver2-1.00.36 are effectively identical.

Also made a few other changes to add some additional printer support and hopefully fix some miscellaneous problems a few people have reported. IMPORTANT: The distribution and section must be entered exactly as above.

The device ships with View Sonic Device Manager (VDM) 3.0 software, which allows for provisioning and updating across the network.

Specs for the 99 x 61 x 29.5mm (3.9 x 2.4 x 1.16-inch) SC-T25 are almost identical to that of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

Thanks to the many users, both in the original Ubuntu Forums thread and the current forums, who have provided feedback and helped with testing over the years.

I don't even know how many are still using this driver, but thanks to all of you.

Its secret: building the device around the Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer.

Instead of running Raspbian Linux, the SC-T25 runs a version of View Sonic’s Debian Jessie based Thin OS (VTOS) that is optimized to support the Citrix HDX virtual desktop environment.

Wi Fi and Bluetooth are also onboard, and View Sonic has added a Kensington lock slot.


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