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At times your boy will try to offer you with some help, never say no.

When tastes are common and the similarities between the two begin to appear, then the attraction and connection begin to grow.

To impress boy it is very important that you make him feel that there is something that you can always have a chat about and your tastes match.

For guys physical attraction is important, if you feel you are not beautiful then its is not a worry because within some days you will start looking beautiful to him.

Hence groom well and stay confident in front of him.

If you truly love this guy and want him in your life then follow these tricks to first win his attention and then his heart.

Staying confident, smiles and grooming well are some tips that can help you impress a boy.

But, don’t be judgemental in proving your thought, even if the boy is trying to explain his point.

These small things can actually take him far from you.

Having a few topics to talk is a great advantage for keeping your conversations going on.

Suppose he has interest in some sports (almost all boys have interest in some sports), surf the net and get some knowledge about the latest matches of that sport.

Personal achievements are always good reasons to presume, however, avoid talking about your achievements in each of the conversations you have with him.


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