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Many have already recognized the advantages and benefits of Microservices.

Furthermore, many have already decided about implementations and done first steps or even finished solutions in place. Do I have to test at all and where is all this running? " is an experience report providing you a few impulses on how to make your microservices journey more enjoyable.

Docker-based infrastructure represents an evolution in the way applications are developed, deployed, and scaled in production.

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When it comes to adopting containers in the enterprise, Security is the highest adoption barrier.

Is your organization ready to address the security risks with containers for your Dev Ops environment?

How do you build containers that contain only what you need (like no build systems/tools)?

How do you orchestrate configuration of your application after the containers have been launched?

In this presentation, you'll learn about: - The top security risks with containers and how to manage theses risks at scale including Images, Builds, Registry, Deployment, Hosts, Network, Storage, APIs, Monitoring/Logging, Federation.

- How to make your Container enabled Dev Ops workflow more secure without slowing down your CI/CD pipeline - Automating security vulnerability management and compliance checking for container images Also, a demo of Kubernetes managing the container image lifecycle, automating container security scans, and deployment strategies for security updates at scale including Canary, Blue/Green deployments and A/B testing.

Good design and implementation choices can facilitate ease of deployment and operations while simultaneously enabling scale to large deployments.

Istio (, the newest service mesh for Kubernetes, has gained a lot of fans since it was announced just a few weeks ago - providing application-level policy and content routing in concert with Kubernetes network elements (like CNI plugins, network policy and services).

We present our experiences with an automated solution for security audits and reports.

Technologies such as Rancher on Docker, Camunda and Consul form the basis of our solution.

Awareness of security challenges is crucial for delivering high-quality software.


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