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You’ve heard it before, and you’ll surely hear it again, “I hate other women,” lady-friend says. To all the ladies reading this: Please stop saying you “hate” other women. These questionably lethal babies just make anyone bat-shit crazy.“I get along better with guys.” Cue the internal alarm. Even if it’s an “herbal” brand, attempting to boost your metabolism with a pill can cause some nasty side affects like restlessness and intense mood swings. It’s doubtful this would be something she’d be open about (and if she is, run).

Sometimes, men don’t need to be saviors, whisking away a woman from their father.

This isn’t a developing nation and we can’t be traded with along with some cows.

Online dating has come a long way in recent years, but the best online dating tips ever is one that is the result of a precautionary tale: keep your psycho meter running.

Sure, we’ve all heard the tales and seen the Lifetime original movies about meeting someone online who turns out to be a psycho.

I’ve tried telling myself that everything is fine and it’s all going to work out somehow. I’ve taken on the mission to bring back the perfect relationship so that I didn’t have to leave. I’ve been brave and forgiving and promised that I would always be there.

I’ve practiced the conversation in my head over and over of exactly how I would say each word “I can’t be with you anymore. I’m leaving you.” Only to feel the terror pull back the words before they make it through my lips.

In these movies, the movie generally ends with the protagonist lying there in a pool of their own blood, knife through the heart, wishing he had read this article.

So how can you keep your psycho meter running when meeting people online (or hey, just meeting people in general)?

Unless you’re stumbling home with puke all over your shirt and a mild case of herpes, no sane woman should care that you want to hang out with your dude friends some nights. Leave us to reruns and chattering about our periods with our fellow females while you watch the game and talk about big racks or whatever men do when they’re together.

Whether he “ruined her life” or is “the greatest man around,” hearing about Dad more than a few times a day could indicate many-a-problem.

– They are planning your future together, after the first date. – They get jealous of you talking to other people online.


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