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Oh, I almost forgot the most important part: She describes specific ways to ‘close’ on a girl.That means either get her number, get her to ask for YOUR number, how to kiss a girl and meet up with her the next day and a whole lot more.This woman, unlike most, actually knows all of the dirty tricks girls play on guys and isn’t afraid to spill the beans to us men.

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It’s an attraction, seduction and dating guide – I know, I know, I initially thought what you’re probably thinking: we’ve heard it all before right? It’s called Guy Gets Girl and, uniquely, is written by a WOMAN called Tiffany Taylor.

I think that right there is the reason it’s such a good book (3 volumes, from beginners, to intermediate to advanced).

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I personally couldn’t wait to start reading and using the material so was happy to find each volume of the guide available separately for download.

All in all, highly recommended reading for all guys that, like me, were fed up with the dating scene and just wanted to know the good stuff – how to attract and seduce hot girls!

I’d like to tell you more about the tactics and techniques that are in this guide, but should probably mention some other details instead.

The guide is available from Guy Gets and is instantly downloadable once you’ve got access.

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