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Suddenly, being in close proximity everyday doesn’t seem so appealing.

Sharing the wealth Are you comfortable with your roommate/significant other knowing specific details about your financial situation?

Coming home from a week of touring with his band (I mean, seriously, how hot does that sound? One harmless beer turns into a two-day bender -- because that's a totally normal pastime in Barcelona -- and we wake up naked on a rooftop."Oh, shit!

" So we're lying naked together, trying to recall exactly how we got there, but more importantly, waiting to see who'll bite the bullet and speak first.

We both crawled back to each other in the morning and agree that our sex is a million times better.

Recovering from a bad hangover, we inevitably end up in a each other's arms on the couch one evening.

So, given all of this, is dating your roommate worth it – even if it means saving big bucks every month? Your companion will see you at your worst – zit cream, nightly retainer and all.

The 24 hour affect Dating your roommate might seem like quite a convenient arrangement at first. Not only that, you will get sick of the wet towel left on the bathroom floor every morning and the sink full of dirty dishes that goes ignored every night.

When clumsy me comes back home with an infected knee because I was too reckless out there, he goes and buys me disinfecting spray and makes sure I clean the wound.

He also helps me with my job search and makes sure my applications are perfect.

Ending a relationship with your roommate can cause the affair to drag on when, in any other situation, you’d be able to move on immediately.


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