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They can generally tell cyst, benign tumor, or cancer from a ct scan, but can't tell exactly without a pathology report. Typical growth is around a third of a cm/yr, slower if ch RCC - usuually more like a quarter of a cm/yr. Todd At less than a cm /year it should have plenty of time to be discovered.

His website is a pretty good source of general information. I had a full nephrectomy done laproscopically and spent 2 nights in the hospital. Mine was over 7 cm and I had had my gall bladder removered a couple years earlier.

Just look at it this way, After the surgery you can tell people that you had Cancer, not that you have it.

For know do not be concerned with those posting about drug tests and complications as those are for members coming into RCC with a much more serious diagnosi than a 3 cm cyst or tumor, Having gone thru this I know how hard it is to hear the C word.

Cysts are quite common in people over the age of 50. procedure you can plan on 2 to 4 days in the hospital and a couple weeks down time afterwards before you feel like doing much.

It turned out to be clear cell RCC (renal cell carcinoma) and the tumor was stage 3a. I think the term mass is more accurate until they figure out what it is. Everyone is different as far as recovery and healing goes, but if you have a lap.

As gary said, drink lots of water and walk soon and as much as you can get yourself to do it. It was never noticed until I was doubled over in pain and peeing out blood faster than a couple college kids draining a keg.

Todd's experience does sound like sloppy doctoring to me. Mine being chromophobe - the most indolent form - it reached 9 cm before I got the first frank haematuria by which time it was already incurable by any means known to medical science so far (so says the leading expert, Dr. ) Mine gave the appearance of having cleared up but my GP continued to test samples and even when they appeared clear he said they had "just as much blood" as when obviously red-brown - i.e.

I then made an appointment with my own doctor and he explained simple cysts and said we all get these. Anyway, was told I had to have a radical nephrectomy. Definitely needed someone to take care of me for about 5 days. Bloated and constipated from surgery and pain meds. Let people help you til you are on your feet again. there are days that something might sound good...there are days that I gag at the thought of even attempting food? Now they followed with a sonogram 6 mths later now it is 4.6 x 4x4 x 3.9.

After he got my records, he had me at the urologist in 5 days and here we are. Got a second opinion from a well known surgeon at a New York hospital and turned out only needed a partial nephrectomy. Stopped taking meds on the second day home as I couldn't handle the side effects. Thought it would be gone by now, surgery was November 26, 2012. On another note, lately, for about the past month, I keep smelling something that reminds me of old spice gone bad. i did experience some "strange" smells...i don't notice them as often..sure what they husband did not ever smell anything. what they didn't tell me was it was found in 2/13 but the new ct scan showed it went from 3.3cm cyst to 4.5x3.4 x4.5 in 6months. The tech doing the exam said she saw more enhancmets as well but that didn't end up in written report.

concerned, because all signs point to me having been closer to 10. The other thing we learned is that I have a “Septate uterus” which is rare and means that there is a wall splitting my uterus in half.

I had to have blood work done today, and will again Tuesday, so they can check my hormone levels to make see how they are progressing which will then tell them 1. Until they know how thick the wall is, we don’t know how much this will affect Baby’s growth, but it is putting me in the High Risk category.

Does a few month make a difference in size and diagnosis? Consider yourself very lucky at this point because the surgery alone will likely be the only treatment ever required.


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