Dating website for mental illness rich white women internet dating

This allows neo nazis to run rampant ( one user even has a Hitler avatar).

There are endless, repetitive rants about how men are superior to women, accentuated by frequent "choice words" such as "sluts".

I encouraged frequent users of the blogs/forums to create their own BBS off-site and they have done so. I will be incentivizing as many users as possible to come back and give us another try. The people posting positive reviews for this site, are the nut jobs from this site. The worst part of the site is the chatroom and the people in there, especially the moderators who are bullies. A lot of 40 year olds on here act like 10 year olds.

I have talked with so many caring people in their chat room, that is moderated. Its a god send to have this and not have to try a normal dating site that stigmatizes you.

My advice, especially If you're a guy, is do NOT waste your time on here. I had a mental breakdown last year when I wrote that review.

Truthfully, the site will only make whatever conditions you have, worse. My advice is not to let others make decisions for you. We are one of the rare sites that actually has a free trial period (2 weeks). I tried deleting it before but couldn't remember my password for this. I agree I could have been more hands-on with the chatroom.

Jim should be begging former members to return, those who made NLL great in the first place, than placating those eternal whingers (but only when it suits), who have contributed to the sites downfall.

I took down those sections because they were too toxic and upsetting many members.

I started chatting to someone (supposed to be from the UK) who seemed really nice, but I noticed that some of the writing sounded American and not English and quite fake. If you live anywhere other than the US, the users are few and far between. I decided to check the site out after being off it for a year. The same users, most of whom have not updated their photos since 2011 but are still currently active on the site.

These are the same users who won't reply to messages.

' Should women be allowed to vote' or ' Why is the white race better than the black race ' are considered worthwhile discussion subjects on this site.

Women who protest will be treated with ridicule and condescension while males who disagree with these extremist views are labeled " effeminate".

Have observed the site go through various stages and while the majority of problems seem to stem from the sites chatroom, with racist comments being thrown around with great aplomb / threatening & abusive language / moderators abusing their positions, it's other areas of the site these same members pollute that have been taken offline.


  1. I hope that you will find this reality-based story even more erotic than one which is totally based on fantasy.

  2. For example, while some aces identify themselves as both aromantic and asexual (meaning they generally do not feel romantic or sexual attraction toward other people), others say they do have the capacity to feel romantically toward others.

  3. For a point of comparison, we’ve heard the same thing from gay friends who are “mainstream attractive” (e.g. Every date they’re on, they’re afraid the guy just likes their body and their looks and doesn’t care about them as people. Some chubs have loved the way they looked all their lives. We also know some are seeking out friends and want to build their belonging in the community. Because we blend two different models—social media and dating/personals—we offer a more social approach to dating that suits gay micro-communities.

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