Dating truck driving simulator

Consisting of several exercises designed to ease you into the critical matter of tractor and trailer control, it is a good idea to start here for the newcomer.

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Of course, a well designed and attractive interface quickly becomes a moot point with a substandard product but, fortunately, that is not the case here as the interface is not the only point of attention with Scania Truck Driving Simulator.

Driving License–In this module, you will learn the finer points of frustration control as you learn to handle a big rig…and an even bigger trailer connected to it.

These opportunities exist because of industry growth (36%), retirement (37%), drivers not meeting current guidelines (16%) and changing careers (11%).

This offers an excellent opportunity for a new career.

Offered as a free demo download, the price of admission is just right and if you do choose to purchase the game, all you need is to complete the financial transaction, enter the activation code, and off you go—the download contains the entire game.

In fact, there are two downloads, one around 500 MB in size and the other around 1 GB in size, the difference between the two is that the larger one comes with a gallery of images and videos of Scania trucks and highlights of previous Young European Truck Driver competitions, otherwise they are identical.Payment of tuition may be made by cash, check, Master Card or Visa.Student failing the DOT drug test will not be permitted to attend class.Fonts, colors, graphics, backgrounds, web link buttons, and the overall layout of the interface are very pleasing to the eye and an early indication of the pride SCS places on their product.Given the lackluster, drab, and 1980’s era look and feel of other ‘modern day game’ interfaces, it is nice to see a company go that extra mile and put on a good first impression.Be it driving mere inches from a cliffs edge and certain death below to hauling an important load of supplies through a flood stricken city, this module puts to practice your truck driving skills.

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