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Victims stay in abusive relationships out of fear, financial insecurity or dependence, a lack of support, a hope for change, and the belief that they have no other choice. Call Victim Services at 902.490.5300 to get help or discuss your options.

Many victims feel ashamed of their situation and often hide it for months—or even years—because they have been told it is their fault. Your safety and the safety of your children is the most important issue.

The undertaking also places more incentive on the abuser to remain away from the victim in order not to harass, intimidate, or further assault them.

If the abuser makes contact and does not follow the order, the victim can report the contact to police.

Once the police find out (from the victim or otherwise) that the abuser has breached their no contact order, the abuser/accused will be charged by police.

This can be difficult for victims who want to have contact with the abuser/accused.

Research shows that children who witness violence are more likely to grow up to become victims or abusers.

Toronto’s Victim Services provide a helpful and detailed guide to safety planning, with translations in 10 languages.

Contact the Victim Services Unit at 902.490.5300 for more information on how to make any changes to the no contact order.

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