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What followed was the most adorable, awkward conversation I’ve ever had before I hustled away, forcing myself not to look back and see if he was still watching me.

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Some may be concerned about dating during the holidays. Some people try too hard just to attract the opposite sex.

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My best friend and I went to go smoke cigarettes and people watch in our favorite park — which is a totally legit, potentially day-long activity for young Argentines.

As we walked through the beautiful people drinking mate on the lawn, I caught the eye of a lovely boy practicing his juggling.

And as a single woman living in major world metropolises, I got really good at meeting people to date in my daily life.

Probably the best example of meeting someone in real life from my own personal history went down on a fall day in Buenos Aires, Argentina.If you’re not comfortable approaching someone you’re into either because of the social stigma or just because you’re shy, then you can easily communicate non-verbally that you’re open to being approached. But make sure that they’re places that include people you’re attracted to. If you’re single and want to meet people IRL, try your best to make an effort in getting out of the house. I know it’s scary to hang out in a bar or at a party by yourself, but if you’re glued to your phone, you are not approachable.So, for example, if you’re a heterosexual female, then you probably won’t meet many dudes at a women’s book club, get my drift? The more you’re interacting with people IRL, the more likely you are to meet someone you vibe with, right? You’re also not trying to find other ways to amuse yourself like, talking to people. Put your phone away, take your earphones out, and start interacting with the people around you. A lot of us have an unofficial checklist of what we’re looking for in a partner or hookup, and while those can be helpful at times, it’s also good to be open to people that don’t really match up with our idea of who we "should" be with.When you are in a dating mood, the holidays may offer you some fun experiences. Read More » Getting into relationships can be quite challenging.The festive parties may also be a good way to meet new people. The initial stage always boils down to trying to be attractive to the opposite gender.This includes having an understanding of what it takes to make it work. It is normal for couples to tackle certain issues and get into arguments due to differences in many things.

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