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He had been unable to raise more capital, and began to sell off the assets.Water mills along the river were finding it hard to compete with newer steam driven roller mills.

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Established in 1898, Stuart Models is the oldest company in the world committed to providing you with a great range of model steam engines.

Our founding principles of quality, service and commitment, very much to this day remain a key focus of our business.

Take a look at our steam model engines carefully assembled and painted in our very own workshop.

These Ready To Run Models come with a signed certificate of authentication.

High resolution scan of The 1927 Stevens Model Dockyard Catalogue.

The catalogue is 90 pages long And features Marine engines Steam engines, Live steam locos Steam ships, Boat hulls & all types of boat and steam fittings.

Back in Bury, January saw a rush to raise a Volunteer Company to go to the Cape.

Thirty men from the 2nd Volunteer Battalion joined others from East Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Cambridge University to train at Bury. At 5.30 am, in a blinding snowstorm, they were cheered off at Bury train station by hundreds of local people. Rural life was however, in decline as foreign food imports undermined agricultural prices and thus wages.

My website is a Non profit making website All proceeds from sales Are used to pay for Server space and Domain name This currently costs around 100 a year.

If you have a steam engine for sale Or you would like to donate one (in any condition) please contact me Using the contacts page And hopefully your steam engine Will be preserved for Posterity on this toy steam website.32 page book on toy boats From Bowman, Hobbies, Weeden Radiguet, Carette, Hornby, Sutcliffe Stevens Model Dockyard, Bing Marklin, Bassett Lowke, Ernst Plank Clyde Model Dockyard And many others with over 50 pictures.

Its yard in Brentgovel Street still saw up to 16 wagons pull in from the villages on market day mornings.


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