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On a sheet of paper write at the top: These are the qualities I desire in a man.

For example, you might write: I want a man who loves and cherishes me I want a man who emotionally supports me Next write why: I want a man who loves and cherishes me... Come back to this exercise as you're around male energy and refine what it is you do and don't want when it comes to a man and why.

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What you put your mind on becomes your reality and your reality is always based on how you view the world.

Do you ever wonder why some women are dating a different guy every night and having fun being around male energy, while other women are suffering from a drought when it comes to men?

It's likely the women in the first category view online dating sites like a kid in a candy store who is so excited by all the abundance to choose from.

There are lots of great men out there to date even as a woman over 50.

...because I love feeling adored by men ...because I love when a man shows me how much he cares about me Another example: I want a man who emotionally supports me... The what and why is what you put out into the Universe.

...because when I'm happy, I want a man who is there to share my joy or happiness ...because I want to know someone has my back This will really help you get clear on why you want a certain type of man in your life. One last note here -- let go of the how and the where he'll appear.People started furiously trying to think their way into manifesting homes, cars and the man or woman of their dreams.And what happened is a lot of people became frustrated and disillusioned with the whole premise of the Law of Attraction because what they wanted wasn't showing up for them.Her presence and channeling of a being named Abraham made the original version of quite spiritual.When the producers and Esther couldn't agree on a business philosophy, Esther was edited out leaving a movie with the message..you think long and hard enough about what you want, it will come your way." Imagine my surprise when years later, I went back to the board and discovered how much had come true.


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