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After recovering, he fell in love with a Minnesotan woman and they made their life together in Minneapolis. Most Latinos arrived to work in the state’s extractive economies—especially agriculture, food processing, and transportation. Displaced by the Mexican Revolution (1910–1920) and later by poverty and instability (often caused or abetted by U. With little paid work in the winter and facing considerable discrimination, most of them returned south every year.

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They overcame the instability associated with migratory work by establishing stable communities in the cities and towns of Minnesota.

Latinos faced, and still face, discrimination—both racial and the kinds common to all immigrants and migrants.

By far the largest and most established group of Latino Minnesotans is of Mexican heritage (70 percent).

The next largest groups are from Puerto Rico (about 4.3 percent), Ecuador and El Salvador (2.9 percent each), and Guatemala (2.7 percent).

He had to pay an eight-dollar head tax for each of his family members.

They endured being weighed, measured, washed like cattle, and photographed.

By the 1990s, the Latino community of Minneapolis began to grow rapidly. Urban churches and commercial districts were transformed by the growing numbers of Latinos.

This also happened in many rural places, such as Worthington, Willmar, Pelican Rapids, St. In those communities, Latino families helped reinvigorate towns and schools.

Men, women, and children alike did the hard work in the beet fields.

It required working on one’s hands and knees when thinning the plants; bending over with a short-handled hoe when weeding; and stooping to harvest the four- to eight-pound beets by hand.

Latino is a contested term and is best understood as an ongoing negotiation among the different groups that claim it. citizens by birth, there is considerable diversity of citizenship within all the other national groups that make up the category.


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