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Most Open PGP clients come configured with a single, specific keyserver.This is not ideal because if the keyserver fails, or even worse, if it appears to work but is not functioning properly, you may not receive critical key updates.Now, you will need to use the following parameters in This is useful because (1) it prevents someone from designating an insecure method for pulling their key and (2) if the server designated uses hkps, the refresh will fail because the ca-cert will not match, so the keys will never be refreshed.

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Many of these changes require you to make changes to the Gnu PG configuration file on your machine located at file are gathered in one place near the bottom of this page.

We strongly encourage you to not blindly copy the file, but read the document and understand what the settings do.

We have gathered here a lot of information about configuring Gnu PG.

There are detailed explanations for each configuration suggestion.

Please remember the path that you save the file to!

Next, you should verify the certificate’s finger print.

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Not only is this a single point of failure, it is also a prime source of leaks of relationship information between Open PGP users, and thus an attack target.

Therefore, we recommend using the sks keyservers pool.

You should not use or the refresh keys menu item on your email client because you disclose to anyone listening, and the keyserver operator, the whole set of keys that you are interested in refreshing.

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