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Actress Tasha Smith has jumped from filing a restraining order against her estranged husband ... and right off the bat it's costing her a bundle of cash. " star sought the split after she and Keith Douglas filed dueling TROs against each other -- and since she's the bread winner in the family ...

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It was distracting and exhausting.” “So in order to have peace and quiet and rest, she would surrender to his demands, which included repetitious scheduled sex on demand, meal preparations, just plain old Neanderthal ridiculous behavior.” Douglas, who also brands himself as a minister, motivational speaker and author, was also reportedly dubious in handling his wife’s business affairs.

“He would rehearse passages from the bible and preach these so called Christian gospel, but in the meanwhile he would make a deal and accept let’s say $10,000 for a personal appearance for Tasha and then turn around and tell her it was a deal for three thousand dollars.

She tied knot with her prince charming Keith Douglas in December 2010. However the relationship between them could not work properly and ultimately Tasha filed for a divorce citing her husband is cheating her with another woman. There were rumor of her dating Tyler Perry but there is no acute evidence to support it.

The couple decided to exchange vows after dating for a year. Beautiful Tasha has never taken help of plastic surgery to enhance her look.

A week later she filed similar docs to get protection from him.

They'll be back in court next month for the restraining orders.

He had a so called assistant, her name was Andrea Wilson, and they had a joint bank account, and would embezzle so much money from Tasha.” Smith, who once had close relationships with Tyra Banks and was an acting coach for Lance Gross, knew something was rotten in the cotton when she finally looked at her husband’s phone.

“One day Tasha picked up his phone to answer an urgent text and the text came through from Andrea Wilson with a photograph of her vagina and may I add the ugliest vagina I ever saw, followed later by photos of he in her lingerie get ups talking about ‘Baby, I am waiting for you!

“His pimpish, bizarre behavior sent red flags and chills down Sidra’s spine so she would question him and his rampages would carry on excessively like he was possessed. He would rant and rave and stomp and intimidate her so it was like some kind of Gestapo type interrogation technique.” The back and forth would take its toll on her workload, the source said.

“Sometimes she would have three and four scripts that she had to memorize in 24 hours.

She was ordered to pay nearly ,000 a month in spousal support to Douglas.

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