Dating of stock option grants

It looks like this second scenario is what is already unfolding.

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Dating of stock option grants

: Bitcoin’s incredible surge hits new heights These crypto fanatics have now thoroughly learned that any dip in crypto prices is a buying opportunity.

After China shut down crypto trading in September, panic selling saw a 30% plunge in Bitcoin to around $3,000.

In the two days prior to Christmas this year, there was near panic selling of Bitcoin, with the price plunging by more than 30% from its recent highs. Yet on the first day after Christmas, Bitcoin quickly surged by more than 20% due to this dinner table effect.

Likewise, immediately after Thanksgiving, Bitcoin began surging to all new highs.

Expected catalysts include near term progress announcements from GCAP regarding its ongoing global Bitcoin roll out, as well as regulatory catalysts which will benefit GCAP at the expense of its would-be competitors.

Announcements for both are expected in coming days or weeks.That volume represents nearly 30x the average daily volume and is more shares than GCAP typically trades in a full month.The stock continued 17% higher in the after hours on substantial volume, hitting .60.As we saw in the trading yesterday, much of the volume and price surge came in the last 90 minutes of the day and then well into the after hours.So today could make for a very interesting day of trading, even right up into those volatile last 15 minutes of the day. This is why I expect to see strong buying pressure on GCAP today.The reason that traders are expecting a sharp spike in all crypto assets on January 2 is that this is precisely what we saw on the days after Thanksgiving and Christmas. These large holidays are the few times of the year times when people spend substantial amount of time around their closest and most trusted friends and relatives.


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