Dating ministires

A group providing monthly support for adults caring for aging parents.

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Too many big men of God are running after mammon.” And the Lord went on to tell me, “Continue to take care of wounded souls.”Please beware, people of God, do not be misled. The blessings of Christ are always free and the Word of God never fails.

Christ the Light of the World Parish is fortunate to have the dedicated assistance of many lay persons who volunteer their time through our many ministries. If you are interested in participating in any of our ministries, please contact us.

Check the bulletin or events calendar for exact time and date.

During the holiday season the parishioners fill brown bags for the homeless, imprisoned, unwed mothers, etc.

GOOD NEWS, we are happy to announce that beginning March 2018 we will be moving our Prayer Line back to the Crowne Plaza Newark International Airport Hotel in New Jersey, USA.

They have completed their renovations and are offering us a larger room that holds 200 people to accommodate the increased number of visitors traveling to our Prayer Line.Undercover reporters posed as a husband and his cancer-stricken wife to infiltrate Deya's church headquarters in a deprived area of Peckham, South London.The pair were given a badly-spelled leaflet detailing its "mystical powers", including overcoming illness and debt."A Slice of Infinity" reaches into the culture with words of challenge, truth, and hope.Further examine your beliefs, your culture, and the unique message of Jesus Christ with these daily emails.1) Children who come to church see volunteers serving at Mass and other functions assume because we are from "Church" we must be safe. In that light, it is our responsibility to do what we can to make sure that children are protected.

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