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He is the God of fiat creation, not a God guiding evolutionary development.

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Repeatedly, the earth has been engulfed in gia-enormous upheavals which consign scenes from gripping movies such as Volcano and Dantes Peak to mere blips.

Scientists reckon immense devastation and catastrophism upon the earth to occur at regular, cyclical periods.

It would seem that God may have been busy with various physical creative expressions over a long time.

Here are some of the biochronological eras or epochs which earth history may be divided into: The quaternary era consists of the Pleistocene and Holocene periods.

Man was created in the bodily and mental form of the Baiame ... Is there inference in Genesis 1:1-2 of the end of the Holocene period with God intervening to reverse the great flooding all over the earth in readiness for conditions for human existence?

the Father-God, the Great Spirit (Aboriginal Stories by A. This may indeed be the case; and if it is, it may give credence to the theory that God cleanses the planet prior to creative activity.

Christ preached to the demon spirits, in Noahs day.

It would appear that He may have given them warning about their ultimate punishment which will be fulfilled at the end time.

See also Archaeology of the Dreamtime by Josephine Flood, 1983, page 123) which is about 4,000BC, about the time of the creation of man.

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