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The Year of the Factions Favor keeps getting better and better, and two new scenarios are now available!

First is Pathfinder Society Scenario #9-10: Signs in Senghor.

Sunday's newspaper column mentioned a poem reader Jane Harrison had written about the body of a girl found in a vacant lot on Feb. She had been shot, and went unidentified for 19 days, when her father saw a police sketch of the victim and came forward.

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Each year I choose a focus word, last year it was joy and you know what, I did receive joy and I gave joy, all of the magnificent voyages I took with my children and friends are a testament to that.

2018 though, I want to focus on something deeper, my focus word for 2018 is balance.

Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set #8 includes five all-new miniatures featuring legendary characters from the Pathfinder role-playing universe: Zova, Aric, The Red Raven, Meligaster, and Rivani!

The Iconic Heroes is the latest set release in the award-winning Pathfinder Battles line of miniatures from Paizo Inc. Characters featured in this set list include: We also have Starfinder Masterclass Miniatures available!

Level up as a dragon and grow to the size of a house, breath fire, (or other energy types), struggle for territory, win prestige amongst dragons, slay giants, rule the sky, and embrace your true draconic essence right alongside all the other player characters.

This expanded version includes all the content from the original In The Company of Dragons, revised and expanded with a hoard of new content, including: The newest product in the Pathfinder Battles line from Wizkids is now available for preorder!

After the crash, I stopped pretending to be the person I thought everyone wanted me to be and I learned just to be myself.

I learned that people loved me more for that and those that didn't fell by the wayside.

I happened to read my blog post from this time last year and it was so full of hope and promise, I thought that I had cracked it, I'd figured it out, I'd moved on.

It's easy to go back and see with hindsight that I was heading for a crash, my bipolar high had lasted for several months, some of it was good, it helped me work, it provided me with the tools I needed to constantly create and it helped me to live in a fairy tale rose-tinted glow where everyone lives happily ever after.

The Solar Sortie is designed for levels 1-4, and its content contributes to the ongoing goals of the Dataphiles faction.

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