Dating in munich

I love deep relationships with the people arround me.

She is English, but has called Munich ‘home’ for more than ten years.

As a corporate copywriter, Helen usually writes about finance, healthcare and sustainability issues, so it’s a pleasant change to tackle such a personal topic: the endless learning curve of motherhood and its overwhelming impact on life. She trained her artistic eye and composition while studying commercial art and graphic design at the University and later working in the field.

A very lovely lady with wonderful lipstick bought me a drink, but I had to leave before I could buy her one back, and I’ve not seen her since. I am therefore convinced that she now hates me because of my failure to abide by the rules of the Round System. I have met people that are so beautiful, so charismatic and have such presence that they have turned me in a stuttering idiot, so desperate was I to impress them.

I have also met people who have reassured me with their normality, after dazzling me with their online wit and knowledge.

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It’s been a fair few years since I last dated a man other than my husband, and to be honest I’ve never really done ‘proper’ dating: my one text-book date was when I was 24 and I went for a drink with the fit barman from The Chameleon. Since September last year, however, I have been both witness and party to this whole new concept of Mum (or Mom as many of my LMBB companions charmingly call it) Dating.

I’m a big fan of bonding over alcohol, in a dark place during the wee small hours of the morning…

I’m not great at making plans in advance because I’m a bit of a commitment-phobe, and I very rarely look fabulous in photos.

I want them to like me but I can’t seem to find a common language.


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