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Since Hillary apparently lacked whatever maternal instinct drives most women to want to spend time with their babies, she had no idea why Billy wanted to be a stay-at-home daddy to their infant daughter. Billy Clinton told me.” In fact, Kyle says, she believes it was the only time that the Clinton marriage was in real jeopardy.

But Bill relished his ability to spend more time with little Chelsea.

“Hillary Rodham was furious because she was no longer the first lady of Arkansas!

Although she had hated the social requirements and the dressing-up-like-a-lady parts of the role, she was furious to have it snatched from her.

Then, according to the plan, it would be Hillary’s turn to occupy the Oval Office.

“Ideology, integrity, and love of country were never involved in the ‘Billary’ quest for the White House,” Kyle contends.

Many people think that her behavior was justified by his provocations, no matter what she said or did. “I’ve heard troopers telling funny stories about Hillary that really weren’t funny, such as slamming kitchen cabinets so hard that the doors came off the hinges, and throwing glassware across the room. Hillary could get away with it as long as she didn’t do it in public. Louise told her that she should not go back to work for at least three months. “Word about Hillary’s far-left political views and her unhinged anger tirades spread like wildfire.

If anyone ever reported her behavior, then that person was swiftly condemned in public as a liar. Hillary’s contemptuous, uncontrolled outbursts are so extreme that most people cannot wrap their minds around the possibility that a First Lady could act like that.” Mama Hillary and unemployed Bill After the Clintons had Chelsea, Bill fell madly in love with his little daughter. Hillary was not pleased with that suggestion, but started counting the days.” In fact, Hillary couldn’t wait to leave Arkansas, because, Kyle writes, she “looked down her Yankee nose at Arkansans” and really had her mind set on “moving on up to the White House.” “[P]eople all over Arkansas talk to each other. Everyone knew that Hillary would throw dishes at Billy in the kitchen and that she even broke a door off a kitchen cabinet during one of her hissy fits.

“[M]any people gloss over the reports about what I call Hillary’s vexcapades, her screaming, cursing, and throwing fits usually as a result of Billy’s sexcapades,” she writes.

” Ordinary folks can easily understand how she would be upset with him for having sex with untold numbers of other women while ‘married’ to Hillary.

” Those are said to be the infamous words of Hillary Clinton – also known as Arkansas’ “Mother of the Year” in 1984 – when Hillary reportedly grew frustrated that handicapped children weren’t collecting their Easter eggs quickly enough on the lawn of the Arkansas governor’s mansion. But they were having a v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w time of finding and picking up the Easter eggs,” wrote Dolly Kyle – a childhood sweetheart of Bill Clinton who had a 33-year relationship with him – in her new book, “Hillary the Other Woman: A Political Memoir.” Kyle recounted the story as told to her by Arkansas State Police troopers and Louise, a mutual friend of both Kyle and the Clintons and a longtime advocate of what was then the Arkansas Association for Retarded Citizens. She stomped up the grass to the shaded veranda on the back of the mansion … But that’s just the beginning of Kyle’s behind-the-scenes peek at the temperament of the woman who could be elected America’s 45th president by the end of this year.

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