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Thinking about how to spend New Year’s Eve this year?

Does it matter if you’re single or in a relationship?

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), and apparently there’s even more exclusive Video Dating footage can be found on the FFF Volume 4 DVD. Why don’t we let these 80s hunks speak for themselves?

: Bryan Thomas has been a freelancing writer/critic for All Music Guide, assistant editor for the When You Awake blog, and a contributor to Launch, Music Connection, Big Takeover and numerous other publications and entertainment websites, blogs and zines, most of them long gone. He’s also worked for over twenty years at mostly reissue record labels -- prior to that he worked in bookstores and record stores, going all the way back to the original vinyl daze.

And I'll wear whatever you want." And to get her to make more of an effort day to day: "I love you so much, and I want to be sure we keep the romance alive." Make clear that you aren't expecting her to do the dishes in an evening dress and a tiara. Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica, CA 90405, or e-mail Advice [email protected](

You'd just be thrilled if, from time to time, the thigh-highs could be fishnets instead of, well, hip waders.

I'm an attractive woman, but I often photograph terribly, and I'm thinking of spending some money and having a professional photographer shoot some pix in a studio. I feel like I'd have a better shot if I had really great photos.

—Unphotogenic Being somewhat vain, I fear the candid camera.

—Bummed You come up behind a ragged, disheveled person standing on the corner and put a dollar in the Starbucks cup they're holding — and then you realize your error: "Oops! " I suspect the term "constructive criticism" was coined by someone who went through life without ever encountering another human being.

As I explain in, "Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck," here in the real world, "criticizing people doesn't make them change; it makes them want to clobber you." That's because our ancient fight-or-flight system is a little one-note — juicing us to respond to a verbal attack as if it were an attack by some dude running at us with a bloody spear.

They "seem to provide a glimpse into what someone is truly like, an unvarnished perspective on how they look and behave when others aren't looking." However, there are times when candids are less advisable.

For example, Berger found that employers on Linked In were more interested in hiring someone who used a posed photo.

So, because you're somebody who often photographs "terribly," your best bet is getting photos taken that appear to be candid.

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