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The surge in demand for transgender surgeries in the United States has triggered a New York City hospital to launch a program to train doctors to perform gender reassignment procedures.Mount Sinai's Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery opened early last year in Manhattan and has since operated on roughly 350 patients.Isaacson told the Daily News: 'I don't have a problem with individual police officers — I mean, I teach them — but I don’t like policing as an institution.'He added to the New York Post: 'I critique policing as an institution which operates at the behest of a state that increasingly represents the weapons and prison industry rather than the public they’re supposed to serve through decades of gerrymandering by both Republicans and Democrats.'The professor is involved in the antifa - or anti-fascist - movement. C., which advocates violence against organized white supremacists. Isaacson told the New York Daily News: 'I don't have a problem with individual police officers — I mean, I teach them — but I don’t like policing as an institution.' Pictured at right is John Jay College, where he works as a professor The publicity surrounding Isaacson's comments came as a result of his appearance on the Tucker Carlson show.

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In an effort to address those inequities, the center has created two year-long fellowships to train a new transgender surgeons and psychiatrists to be able to work with these individuals.

The new program comes as the Trump administration prepares to roll back protections for transgender Americans.

He told Carlson: I teach [my students] to think critically, and that’s why I’m very open about my anti-fascism and my anarchism.'Tweeters have sent death threats to Isaacson ever since his August 23 tweet.

John Jay College said it would release a statement on Friday.

In some procedures a neoclitoris is also created with that skin from the tip of the penile glans which allows for sensation.

The prostate meanwhile is not removed during the surgery, though it does shrink because of the hormones that are taken during the transition process.

Surgeons in the field claim that figure is a conservative estimate - and would likely three times higher if all hospitals had a uniform way of documenting such surgeries.

At Mount Sinai there are roughly 500 patients awaiting gender confirmation surgery.

'I decided to switch to gender confirmation surgery because I felt it would be more impactful in a city with 500 plastic surgeons and no transgender surgeons,' Dr Ting explained.


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