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Instead, they bragged about using the “real” meat, which is true; they just use a tiny layer of it for the visible parts of the sandwich.

The MDF question gets tricky when it comes to certain veneered furniture.

In other words, I am of the opinion that manufacturers of many mid-tier and higher-end furniture brands unknowingly switched their product without adequately disclosing it to the consumer.

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The average guy on the street probably isn’t familiar with the term, so it is understandable some of you might be asking, “What is MDF? In layman terms, MDF is sawdust held together with glue; sort of a higher quality (that’s an oxymoron, in my opinion) material that serves as the base for the piece-of-crap furniture you get from office supply stores or certain shall-not-be-named furniture chains.

I’ve heard some individual furniture makers say they believe casegood furniture constructed out of a core of MDF might have a life span of 1/10th or 1/4th that of something made from solid wood, properly constructed.

‘Retro’, ‘Vintage’, ‘Mid Century’ and ‘Mid-Century Modern’ are terms being used by Retro and Vintage Furniture Stores everywhere.

Further, qualifiers such as ‘style’ or ‘design’ are often thrown in either to honestly define a piece or to disguise its lack of authenticity.

I find the fact that the use of MDF as a core material wasn’t disclosed prior to me asking completely inexcusable. I think most reasonable people assume that furniture that looks like wood is, in fact, wood. Long story short, it began to rot and get infected with fungus once it got wet from the rain.

[mainbodyad]From a product liability standpoint, I’m shocked that a lot of businesses are willing to engage in the distribution of items containing a lot of MDF.Examples are: ‘Vintage Style’, ‘Retro Style’, ‘Danish Style’, ‘Danish Design’.To complete the list of casually interchanged phrases we should add ‘Antique’ and ‘Art Deco’.Although I’m not convinced we’re in asbestos territory, even with the formaldehyde cancer risk, I do think that MDF is a ticking financial time bomb waiting to happen in terms of class action lawsuits, in cases where the consumer had no reasonable cause to believe that the furniture contained, or was primarily constructed out of, MDF. To be more blunt about it, I would not be comfortable with a large percentage of my net worth in any company that manufactured or distributed a lot of MDF products.I think that is true, even if it turns out that MDF poses no safety risks whatsoever. People who were hardly sick were able to bankrupt entire companies because of things that happened 40 years prior! Trying to save a few bucks could end up costing a few thousand. I think there is a contingent liability issue there from dust particles and outgas risk that no one is discussing or acknowledging outside of the woodworking community. The big question: When did people think it was okay to start producing and selling trash?The popularity of Retro, Vintage and Mid Century Modern furniture is not a chance occurrence or a fad.

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