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With b Safe, you can: set up a safety network, share your location, have your friends GPS track you in real time, set a timer that will trigger an alarm if you don’t check in within a set period, create a fake call, notify others when you’ve arrived to a new destination, and click a button that will inform your friends you’re in danger and video record your surroundings for you. That way, if you are aren’t safe, your friends and family can spot something suspicious the moment it happens. What I will strongly suggest is to not go to a stranger’s house or invite a stranger over to your house as the first point of interaction. If you feel good about the interaction, then move the date to somewhere more private. It’s much easier to seek help from a third party and/or leave a date abruptly when you’re both in public than it is being alone with them in a house. ) is a great way to loosen up and knock some of those pre-date jitters out of your system.

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In fact, they might discover a red flag you may have missed.

A good friend typically has your best interest and safety at heart.

If they express worry or apprehension about your date, listen to them and take into consideration what they have to say.

Some friends just have a natural intuition for these kind of things.

People tend to post what they love, care, and like to brag about.

If anything shows up in your search results that makes you hesitant about meeting them in real life, don’t feel bad about permanently deleting them from your life.

I never used my full name and ALWAYS had a new answer to a/s/l (high five if you know what this stands for).

I never would have thought, years later, that my personal information would be so publicly available on the internet., it’s not like I’m some famous blogger.

Disclosing what university you attend might not be a big deal, but your date really doesn’t need to know everything about you, yet.


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