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Purists, beware, some of what is in here might give you a idea for your jeeps!

A national currency was introduced in the 11 century using another Chinese original, woodblock printing.

The Chinese initially developed two types of printing: woodblock printing and movable type.

If you’re going to print, then you need paper, or some sort of printable medium, and pulp paper became popular because it was cheaper and faster to make than other mediums, such as silk, bamboo strips, or clay tablets.

There is evidence of pulp paper making that dates back to the 2nd century BC.

Paper money was first introduced in the 7th century as a way for wealthy merchants to avoid having to carry large quantities of heavy copper coins.

I’d like to think that they have accomplished more than that in their long history, and sure enough, they have…

Then, in 105 AD, a Han court eunuch named Cai Lun improved the process (he is often credited as the inventor of paper).

His process involved mashing up tree bark, hemp, linen and fishing nets and adding water until a wooden frame with a sieve of interwoven weeds could be immersed and removed from the mixture.

Woodblock printing is created by carving a design or character text into a block of wood, covering the relief with dye, and printing the relief onto the fabric or paper.


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