Dating for cat owners sex dating in hartshorne oklahoma

They kicked off June 1st in Dallas and will be held in several other cities, including Philadelphia, Chicago, and Vancouver.The mixers will include local food trucks and appearances by professional pet trainers.So, basically, it’s applicable to members, not the broader demographics of the United States as a whole.

Cat owners are hotter than people who don’t have any pets. Look, I love dogs, but they are significantly more likely to smell than cats.

Cat owners are hotter than people who have rabbits, or snakes, or even lovebirds.

And they are definitely, indisputably hotter than dog owners.

Oh, you prefer a pet who’s always keen for your attention, never turns you down, and will be there for you whenever you need them? Anyone who owns a cat will have had to deal with their cat meowing at the door then refusing to get out. Much more attractive than the person who buys you a fancy watch just because it looks nice.

Enter as many times as you want, for your chance to win a free coconut mouthwash #Free Stuff #Competition #Hi Smile Hour #Turn Post Notifications On #Hi Smile #So Cute #Kittens Of Instagram #Hot Dudes With Kittens #Cheeky Smile #Teeth Whitening #Teeth Whitening Kit #Make Over #New Me This is good news, because the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association recently reported that “the number of pet cats in the UK rose by 500,000 over the past year.” Young single men account for a sizable percentage of that number, and it’s no longer seen as taboo to be both single and a cat owner.

People are connecting over their shared love of felines, and showing off a cute kitty is always a good way to grab someone’s attention. ❤#Repost @ice__tea ・・・ #catmen #catman #menwithcats #hotdudeswithcats #hotdudeswithkittens #furdad #catdaddy #realmenlovecats A post shared by Tamar Arslanian (@ihavecat) on The sexy trend serves as a valuable PR method for cats of all kinds.

According to the Truth About Pets and Dating survey, adopting a pet instead of buying one at the local shop makes you more attractive to 59 percent of singles.

Also, if you’re a guy who likes women and you have no dog, maybe you want to reconsider: 72 percent of the single women surveyed responded that a dog is the “hottest pet a guy could own.” Pet Smart Infographic" / Also, it turns out that owners of dogs are a little bit more, uh, dogmatic about their choice in pets: 97 percent of cat owners were open to dating “dog people,” but only 66 percent of dog owners are willing to cross that line.

Dog people want to buy flashy leads and fancy balls.

Dog people LOVE to parade their dog around town, show off their dog in every Tinder picture, and brag about their dog’s breed. Seriously, multiple studies have found that cat people tend to be more intelligent than dog people. Because they know that if they try it, they may get scratched.

Social media users have accepted the trend and taken posing with cats beyond the Internet dating scene. The more handsome men flaunting their felines, the more people will want to adopt cats of their own. Men get to express their love for cats, women easily find dates with whom they have something in common, and cats show off how cute they are so people will start adopting their homeless friends.


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