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You can tell by his smile and admiring gaze he’s into you, but is there anything short of an electric cattle prod that will get him to bust a move?

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There are good reasons for pursuing the situation if your intuition tells you this guy is worth it.

First of all, you’ll have a lot less competition, as there will be few women who are willing to get into this type of dating game.Maybe he is just paralyzed by your stunning beauty and is afraid he will embarrass himself at the moment of truth.Find the cause, and you will have a good shot at getting to the next level.That relationship between a younger guy and an older woman is likely to be supercharged by a combination of the younger man’s peak sex drive and the older woman’s confidence, experience and her own sex drive.There are some other compelling reasons for why older women are more attractive to younger guys.Many younger guys are driven to women who are 10 years older than they are or more, as these women are often more confident and more sexually driven and passionate than the younger women.

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