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But my daughters are coming home periodically and they couldn’t keep up with the changes.” At one point, Konop says her daughter announced, “I don’t want to come home anymore — it’s so weird.” If you’re considering a divorce and kids are involved, don’t assume you are sparing your children by holding on, only to divorce once they’re out of the house.

“I wish I’d explored the job market before I separated; I think I would have worked harder to try to keep the marriage together if I’d realized just how bleak things are out here.” For older adults, especially women who have been out of the workforce, re-entering it can be more even more challenging than they expect.

It started as Viking River Cruises, and expanded to the American market in 2000, establishing a headquarters in Los Angeles.

She indicated that the case was being heard in London because the Hagens had links to England.

Mr Marks told the judge that the case was a tragedy of which Shakespeare or Euripides would have been proud and said the family was in a 'vortex of conflict'.

He said the 'main protagonists' were 'nearing the end of their lives' and the children had been 'dragged' into a dispute about their prospective inheritance.

A barrister representing Norwegian reporter Eystein Rossum, who works for the Bergens Tidende newspaper, had asked Mrs Justice Roberts to allow the case to be reported.

C ., says the input of those experts can be helpful when negotiating the amount of alimony and property settlement.

“Sometimes when we’re negotiating, I have a client who wants to get her degree to increase her earning capacity.

She was told that Mrs Hagen wanted half her husband's fortune.

The judge said neither the amount Mrs Hagen said her husband was worth, nor the amount Mr Hagen said he was worth, could be revealed.

The estranged couple, who are both in their 70s, were in court on Wednesday as the judge began to oversee a trial scheduled to last nearly three weeks.

Mrs Justice Roberts is analysing evidence at a private hearing but she said Mr and Mrs Hagen could be named and some detail reported.

We’ll find out what the cost would be to go back to school and get statistics on what type of income my client can expect to receive once she finishes,” which then gets figured into the settlement package, so the main breadwinner will pay for her education instead of alimony.

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