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AND OVER HERE UPFRONT FEES IS BASED ON YOUR CHOICE IN THE LOAN PROCESS.. So keep enough cash on hand to live in a foreign country and at the first sign of insolvency, leave the country. At the very least, hoard enough cash to live on for two years.Its true that every one start a business on own to have a successful life.Winding up of companies is in the jurisdiction of the Courts which can take a decade even after the Company has actually been declared insolvent.

India does not have a clear law on corporate bankruptcy even though individual bankruptcy laws have been in existence since 1874.

The current law in force was enacted in 1920 called Provincial Insolvency Act which consists of Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies.

Once you start the bankruptcy proceedings, the bank will audit you, you might be asked to visit the court/negotiation table a couple of times… I'm bankrupt and income tax is behind me with a penalty of 40,00,000...i was managing with my creditors and was pushing along but bcoz of IT now i have only one option insolvency..


Try talking to your banker to extend the loan tenure, sell off some of the assets and see if you start over again… Friends and family might help you because they know you are a good man. Often its a pure business deal, where they pump in money in return of sale of assets/partnership…

sometimes they do it because they have faith in your business skills and they know that this is a temporary phase..Bankruptcy was originally planned as a remedy for creditors — not debtors.During the reign of King Henry VIII, bankruptcy law allowed a creditor to seize all of the assets of a trader who could not pay his debts.Declare bankruptcy, take the assistance of the law and discharge your loans and live life honorably. and today’s law clearly demarcates the business/company’s assets from the personal assets…it distinguishes between the assets of the family and your assets and has all the features that allows you to write-off the loan once and for all and start again."I WILL LIKE TO TELL YOU ALL THAT I HAVE COME TO WIPE AWAY THOSE TEARS THOSE ONLINE FRAUDSTER HAVE CAUSED To YOU ALL IN THE NAME THAT THEY ARE LOAN LENDERS OK.


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