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The pieces in this excellent museum capture that priceless moment just before this bold young thinker changed the world.

While you won’t find Picasso’s famous, later Cubist works here, you will enjoy a representative sweep of his early years, from art-school prodigy to the gloomy hues of his Blue Period to the revitalized cheer of his Rose Period.

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Just inside the market, animated Juan and his family are always busy feeding shoppers at this bar.

Getting Juan to crack a huge smile and a thumbs-up for your camera makes a great shot…and he loves it.

It was here that young Pablo mastered the realistic painting style of his artistic forebears--and it was also here that he first felt the freedom that allowed him to leave that all behind and give in to his creative, experimental urges.

When he left Barcelona, Picasso headed for Paris…and revolutionized art forever.

The Eixample (“Expansion”) was built when a bulging Barcelona burst out of its medieval walls in the mid-19th century.

With wide sidewalks, hardy shade trees, chic shops, and plenty of Art Nouveau fun, this carefully planned “new town,” just north of the Old City, has a rigid grid plan cropped back at the corners to create space and lightness at each intersection.With its cake-in-the-rain facade and otherworldly spires, the church is not only an icon of Barcelona and its trademark Modernista style, but also a symbol of this period’s greatest practitioner.As an architect, Gaudí’s foundations were classics, nature, and religion. Gaudí labored on the Sagrada Família for 43 years, from 1883 until his death in 1926.While you could simply walk around and see what Modernista masterpieces you stumble upon, most visitors make a beeline to Gaudí’s La Pedrera (Metro: Diagonal) and the Block of Discord, where three Modernista greats jockey for your attention (Metro: Passeig de Gràcia).By the way, if you’re tempted to snap photos from the middle of the street, be careful — Gaudí died after being struck by a streetcar.Gaudí fans enjoy the artist’s magic in this colorful park, located on the outskirts of town.


  1. Almost to the point of total obsession, I worked and studied at it, hand calculating charts,(computers were not available to me back then) pouring over old books, learning along with some of the best in the field, I reached a point where I became what can be considered a master (Or so I am told :).

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