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They also had an increasingly compelling case for "pre-Clovis" occupation of the Americas: genetic analyses showing that Native Americans' ancestors arrived here some 16,000 years ago and archaeological sites as far-flung as Oregon and Chile bearing evidence of human presence long before Clovis.

"What we tried to do at Page-Ladson is make a really strong case that would be unassailable ...

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The fint artifacts were also accompanied by 128 Mediterranean shell beads and two bone awls. A small concentration of sites is also visible east of the Carpathians.

The Aurignacian in Moravia is extraordinary rich (several hundred sites) but when reliable dated in general younger than the sites in Swabia and Lower Austria : Mladeč caves, Stránská skála open-air site complex, Vedrovice Ia Milovice I, Líšeň I / Líšeň – Čtvrtě, Líšeň VIII / Líšeň – Nad výhonem and Napajedla III / Napajedla – Zámoraví. Româneşti- Dumbrăviţa I, GH 3 (Romania) has recently been TL dated and represents according to several researchers another Aurignacian 0 / Proto-Aurignacian site in Central/South Europe.

Until, in 2012, a team of archaeologists descended into the river's murky depths to dig up the artifacts below.

The ancient tools and bone are 14,550 years old, they reported Friday in the journal Science Advances, making them the most ancient human remnants ever found in the southeastern United States.

It has been dated slightly older than Româneşti-Dumbrăviţa I ca. While our recognition of the Aurignacian as an early Upper Paleolithic technocomplex along the Danube corridor has been shaped and broadened, we have learned that the Aurignacian maybe a genuine European invention.

Thousands of years ago, some of the first Americans knelt beside a pond in what is now Florida.

cal BP and it correlates geochronologically with GIS-10 and GIS-9 and thus to the older group of the Aurignacian in Europe.

Indeed the findings indicate a possible contemporaneity of the Româneşti- Dumbrăviţa I, GH 3 with the Oase AMH finds.

Finding remnants of the Aurignacian stratum at the Hundssteig site remain an important dissertate of Austrian Paleolithic research. Thanks to these researchers, all basic and unique industrial features are thus quite clearly described.

It has always suggested that Krems Hundssteig has a strong early / Protoaurignacian component but unfortunately modern excavations of this complex are missing.

The cores are commonly unidirectional but there are also bi-/multidirectional ones.


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