rules for christian dating - Dating an older coworker

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I really wasn't attracted to her, but as a friendship developed I started to really like being around her. I just made her laugh the whole time she was in my car.

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There's a reason why you shouldn't mix business with pleasure. There's a remarkable maturity difference between you too. There's nothing that can take your mind off the old crush like a new girlfriend can!

You'd be getting yourself into a whole lot of nonsense. Play and banter with this one, it's good practice, and she could be a good friend or wing-woman, but don't take her seriously unless she takes you seriously first.

If she says, "You remind me a bit of him", then pat her head, smile, and change to the acceptance/adviser role. Some young women, discovering their 'female sexual power' for the first time in their short lives, enjoy leading guys on a merry chase with flirting and innuendo, especially the old geezers. Just sayin'^^ I couldn't edit either, so adding ...

That being said, I was in a 7 year relationship at that same age (for both) and it was, honestly, the best or second best love of my lifetime.

The most you can know a person is a combination of what they choose to show you and what you choose to assume about them.

Touchy doesn't mean "like", it could mean "danger".

Maybe 60 years ago that might have worked, but times are way different. Women who are really interested don't turn you down for a date. Ask to see a picture of her dad, then ask what their relationship was like.

If he doesn't have some of the same features you have and she doesn't have abandonment issues, then decide.

But other old guys don't doubt, so they quickly become the creepy older guy.


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