Cams listen in adult - Dating a fender amps by transformer

Its in the middle of the 6 preamp tubes with the removable shields. For a black face, this transformer would have been made in 1964 during the 23 week (—423) The trick to this is they don’t renumber the decades.You’ll find 2 rows of numbers, top set is the Fender part #, always starts with a 022, in this case it would be 022921. Works as follows, they have 6 numbers, first three is the EIA manufacturer, ignore this. A silverface made on the 23rd week of 1974 will have the same date code.You may compare these with your own speakers to determine what you have.

dating a fender amps by transformer-68

(see chart below) YY = is a one or two digit code indicating the year.

If it’s a one digit year you need to determine the correct decade of the amp some other way.

Silly me , I just published a link on how to date your Fender amp and I just went and dated y Deluxe Reverb ! It sounds great and so I have decided not to mess with what was a factory Mistake/ Change/ Customisation?

This one is an odd amplifier because when I decided to start on the restoraton, I noted that the circuitry was not pure Silverface but a blend of Blackface and Silverface.

In a BF Vibrolux Reverbs you could have either Jensen, CTS or Oxford, the BF Super Reverbs had Jensen, CTS, Oxford or sometimes JBL, the BF Pro Reverb had Jensen, Oxford or Utah, .

In the silverface era Eminence, Oxford, Utah and Rola were more often used and Jensen was phased out.So if you find pots from late 68 and transformers from early 69 you can be pretty sure your amp is a 1969.Serial Number: There is no information readily available for dating Fender amps by serial number but there are people working on it. Circuit Code: In 1963 Fender stoped using model numbers to identify schematics and began using the model name and an assigned circuit number.Mic has graciously granted permission to post the stuff on the JT30 page on the off chance that it might be useful in the context of Blues Harmonica.Mic is not responsible for the content, just the collection.Even at we struggle with keeping a correct amp and speaker model overview.


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