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It is important that no matter what the age of the sufferer, that they receive efficient and effective treatment as soon as possible.

The faster eating disorders are recognized and treated, the greater the chance of a full recovery.

Eating disorders can be beaten and there is help available.

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Older adults sometimes find it hard to reach out and ask for help, because eating disorders are still very much associated with being an illness that affects only teenage girls.

The fact is, eating disorders can affect any woman or man at anytime in their lives; age has nothing to do with it.

Depression and similar disorders can emerge in later life and can often impact a sufferer’s food intake.

There are many reasons that an eating disorder may develop in later life.

Some people who develop eating disorders later in later life report having had no experience with disordered eating or dieting obsessions prior to the onset of the eating disorder.

Others report having problems related to food and eating as well as body image issues throughout their lives.

This pressure can result in a woman feeling an increased dissatisfaction with the way that she looks, which in turn, could initiate dieting behavior.

Getting Help If you are suffering from an eating disorder or think you are, or if you have a friend or loved one about whom you are concerned, it is vital that you seek help immediately.

Treatment centers around the world report increasing numbers of middle aged clients seeking treatment.

Because not all people who suffer from eating disorders seek treatment, it is fair to assume that there is an even larger number of mid-life sufferers who do not seek treatment.

There are a number of environmental stressors that are unique to older adults, the most prominent of which are infidelity, divorce, and the empty nest effect as seen when children leave the home.


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