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Since 2006, many hundreds of transport planners, campaigners, cycling co-ordinators, politicians and interested individuals have learnt about cycling and infrastructure for cycling in the Netherlands on our cycling Study Tours.

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They take place in two Northern Dutch cities, Assen and Groningen.

These locations boast some of the best cycling infrastructure in the world.

Public tours are capped at a maximum of six participants per tour leader and have a maximum of two leaders. A short presentation explains some aspects of what we look at and offers a chance to present questions in a more formal setting.

Private tours: Private tours can be booked for any group size on almost any date. However, because presentations, videos, photographs and looking at Google Streetview can only only give a vague and sometimes misleading impression, most of our time is spent on bicycles.

Time has to be allowed for discussion and asking of questions.

However we split the group for part of the last day in order to allow those interested in cycling further or faster to have this experience.

A few kilometres further North in Groningen it is claimed that nearly 60% of all journeys are made by bicycle in the centre of the city.

In three days of Study Tour you benefit from years of our experience.

You will travel on a Monday, arriving in the evening before the tour at pre-arranged accomodation.

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