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And you should do everything possible for this: try to add a few interesting details to your story.For example, by writing: "I like to walk the streets, watching how my city lives," you not only show the reader that you are an interesting person but also make her want to ask you, what’s so tempting about your city that you like to watch its life. People don’t visit dating websites to sympathize or support someone morally. If you look for a girl not for online flirting and virtual communication, but for actual relationships, you also shouldn’t lie in your profile.

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When creating your profile, you also need to pay attention to the photos you choose.

Profiles with photos are viewed more often than those without ones.

It’s really annoying and not how you should treat a woman you want to date.

Her name is right in the profile, so make sure to refer to the lady by it.

Good online dating profiles attract users’ attention mostly with photos.

Your photo carries important information about you.

This question can become the beginning of a long dialogue. Neither about your age nor about some hobbies that you don’t have.

Why do most users on dating websites write about how they like going to cinemas, listen to music, or read books?

Any word, even a pleasant one, repeated a lot of times, becomes annoying. If you read a lot of books, don’t hesitate to mention it. But if you write that you collect fallen leaves in a park during a walk, reader’s attention is guaranteed.

But the thing is that most people on this website probably write the same in their profiles. The purpose of successful online dating profiles is to make people interested in their owners.

In this case, you need a psychologist and not a profile on a dating site.

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